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Programmable shift light module

Shift Light pro - Shift like a pro! This freely programmable, 3 stage shift light module can act as a full-on shift light assistant or as an optimal rev range indicator for better fuel economy and longer service life.



  • Crushing rivals: Smallest Shift Light module in the world with unique features courtesy of the Shift Light pro.
  • Combo Unit: Two main functions: Shift light for racing/sport applications. Optimal rev range indicator for best consumption on longer trips.
  • Endless compatibility: One unit fits all motorcycles, ATVs, cars and other vehicles.


Healtech Electronics for Ohvale- Shift Light pro


Getting your gear change right means first and foremost better acceleration, better fuel economy, longer gearbox and transmission life. Just think it over – you can’t make a proper lap without perfect shifting. This is where our Shift Light pro comes into the picture. Meet the world’s smallest shift light module in a weatherproof casing with a fully custom programmable RGB Power LED.
Can be programmed as a shift light for sport bikes and race cars or as a low/optimal/high RPM range indicator for touring bikes and other vehicles to get the best possible fuel consumption out of your machine. Indicates when the RPM is out of optimal range (too low or too high). The coolest part is that you have total control over it with your Android device via Bluetooth connection.

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