Programmable shift light module

Shift Light pro - Shift like a pro! This freely programmable, 3 stage shift light module can act as a full-on shift light assistant or as an optimal rev range indicator for better fuel economy and longer service life.



  • Crushing rivals: Smallest Shift Light module in the world with unique features courtesy of the Shift Light pro.
  • Combo Unit: Two main functions: Shift light for racing/sport applications. Optimal rev range indicator for best consumption on longer trips.
  • Endless compatibility: One unit fits all motorcycles, ATVs, cars and other vehicles.


Healtech Electronics for Ohvale- Shift Light pro


Getting your gear change right means first and foremost better acceleration, better fuel economy, longer gearbox and transmission life. Just think it over – you can’t make a proper lap without perfect shifting. This is where our Shift Light pro comes into the picture. Meet the world’s smallest shift light module in a weatherproof casing with a fully custom programmable RGB Power LED.
Can be programmed as a shift light for sport bikes and race cars or as a low/optimal/high RPM range indicator for touring bikes and other vehicles to get the best possible fuel consumption out of your machine. Indicates