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The GP-0 160 is the little cousin of the 190.  Putting out around 15 horsepower it is definitely at the top of it's class.  A good platform for adult riders to train as well as youth riders who are ready to step up to a faster bike.  The 160 is well-capable machine that has slightly less maintenance than the 190 but who are we kidding, these things barely need maintenance to begin with!

To provide a more spacious cockpit, Ohvale engineers had to lengthen the tubular steel trellis frame. As a result, the reach to the bars is much more comfortable for adult riders, but the wheelbase also extends to 1500mm (59.1 inches).Ohvale also revised the 33mm USD fork with 70mm of suspension travel and CNC bottoms to hold up to the increased braking pressure. In those instances, users can also use the wider 0.9-gallon tank for knee support as they drop anchor with the four-piston radial monobloc caliper and 180mm front disc. To improve balance and corner exit drive, Ohvale also lowered the engine’s position and adjusted the swingarm pivot.

GP-0 160 4 Gears EVO

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